Please see the following steps in the Notebook, that show how to treat the same Mob using two different batches of the same treatment.

Firstly, create the two treatment inventories for each drench. This will allow you to accurately enter the relevant batch number, manufacturing date and expiry date for the seperate drums. 

Here's how to treat your Mob using the two separate inventory items:

  1. Select the mob to be treated
  2. Press View Details
  3. Select Treat from the bottom of the details page
  4. Check all mobs being treated
  5. Select each batch being used 

Details Page
6. Enter the Dosage for the first batch. This will calculate the total amount used.
7. Using the amount that we know is remaining in the first batch, manually overwrite the Total Amount Applied. 

  • E.g. While the batch has 2L remaining the Total Amount Applied will be calculated as 7.425 L, from the rate and the head in the mob. Manually overwrite this Total to be 2L, as this is all that is left in the batch. 

8. Enter the same Dosage for the second batch. Again, this will calculate the Total Amount Applied.
9. As some of this total was already used in the first batch, manually subtract this amount from the Total Amount Applied for the second batch. 

  • E.g. the Total Amount Applied will again calculate as 7.425 L, while we have 10 L remaining in the second batch, we know that 2 L was used from the first batch. Hence, we manually overwrite the Total Amount Applied box and subtract the 2l used in the first batch. This equalling 5.425 L, as this is what was used from the second batch. 

10. Press Save

You will then note that the correct amount has been removed from both batches.
The Batch with 2L remaining is now empty, while the batch with 10 L has had 5.425L subtracted and is shown to have 4.6 L remaining. 

You can also view the record saved correctly in the Treatment records page of the Portal.

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