The planner guides you through your season, adapting to changing conditions and providing a solution to achieve the best outcome on farm.

Why use the Operational Planner?

The Operational Planner brings innovation to your farm. It provides a calendar platform to help better manage your operations, using region based science to create your personalised plan; increasing productivity and efficiency on farm. 

Yearly plans integrate best practice nutrition management, animal health and welfare practices, as well as practical management recommendations from veterinary and livestock experts, so that you can produce more with what you have.

The expertly designed sheep and cattle programs help to increase production by using improved planning and pasture management that reduces the risk of disease, as well as managing nutritional requirements and improving animal welfare. 

Using the Operational Planner will help you to be more organised and put you in a position to better manage your farm with the conditions you're facing, and adapt to what the season throws at you!

What is an Enterprise?

An Enterprise defines a general line of farm business and all of the management groups within it. Enterprises like "Sheep" or "Cattle" allow you to think about your enterprises separately and compare them to optimise what's best for your farm business. 

What is a Management Group?

A Management Group defines similar animals that are managed in the same way over the same period of time. Each Enterprise consists of livestock Management Groups typically determined by sex, age class or how the animals came onto your farm, such as "Breeding Ewes" or "Trade Steers".


Set up the Operational Planner in 3 steps 

1. Add an Enterprise

Tailor your Enterprises for different livestock groups, to track progress and help improve on-farm visibility and productivity.

2. Add a Management Group

A Management Group defines similar groups of animals that are managed in the same way, over the same 12 month period period of time. For example, Merino Ewes or Hereford Calves.

The Operational Planner brings you best practice operational plans for each Management Group, personalised to your dates and region forecasts. 

Identify your region: By identifying the sheep and cattle regions across Australia, the Operational Planner provides tailored advice for your region. This includes rainfall patterns, climate, animal health and production issues. 

Tip: Making a note of the deficiency and disease presence on your farm will help to further customise your plan!

3. Plan Calendar

Based on Grow science and your specific location and conditions, each of your Management Groups have a tailored plan, with customised recommendations based on scientific best practice. 

Plans are broken down into phases that define best practice for your Management Group, and once you have a feel for the season, you can easily update your plan, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions. 

By completing the Management Group Settings phase, you’re now customising your plan and tailoring it to your operation. 

Save and Review, and then Finish Review to get going! 

What is a phase? Your customised plan is broken into ‘phases’, which allow for quick and easy recognition of management recommendations in the calendar.

How do I change the status of an event? Open the event from the Operational Calendar to adjust the event status to Pending, Complete or Ignored. 

Why is the status of my event already ignored? The status of your phase will be either Ignored, Pending or Complete. Plans are generated from the beginning of the year, so if you have created your plan mid-year, Ignored tasks are those that were previously suggested. 


How do I navigate my Calendar?

Events in the Operational Planner are easy to navigate and are displayed in a colour coded, familiar calendar format. Drag and drop an event to change its date! 

Use the filter on the right hand side to adjust the calendar view. Click on the events on the calendar, or on the left hand side of your screen to view your personalised management recommendations.

From the dashboard, you can clearly view all your Enterprises and Management Groups, as well as how they're tracking and reminders for tasks that are Overdue, Due Soon and Due Later. 

Events in the Plan: The Operational Planner organises events into Management Groups and provides details in chronological order of your current and upcoming events.

Can I add my own Custom Event? Yes! You can absolutely add Custom Events to your calendar! In the Planner, select Calendar and select '+ Add Event' to add a Custom Event. See below.

How to edit events in the Plan?

Edit your event from the Finish and Review page
At the Review stage of setting up your new plan, if there are any events that have already been done, you can edit the event to mark it as complete.
On the right hand side of the Finish Review page, click Edit to adjust the dates of the event, or change it’s status to Pending, Completed or Ignored.

In the Operational Planner already? You can quickly edit and adjust your plan! 

Drag and drop the event to change its date to best suit what’s happening on your farm! 

Click and drag the event to extend or shorten an it's duration.

Click on the event: From the Calendar, click on the event. Here, you’re able to change the date of your event as well as add notes and then Save.

How do I rollover my plan?

Once you have finished your plan, you have the option to archive it or roll it over for the next season.

You can set a new name and date for your plan when you roll it over. There are also three options on how to copy the existing events to the new plan. You can choose whether to maintain the date changes on events or reset them to the defaults with 'Copy date changes for events'. 'Copy custom events' is also optional. 'Copy existing notes' can allow you to add the notes of each older event to the new event including the name of the original plan and the date it was copied.

How do I Duplicate my plan?

Once you create a plan, added your custom events and adjust the event dates to suite your operation, you can then duplicate the plan within the Enterprise to easily add multiple similar management groups. You will be presented with the three same copy events options covered in the Rollover plan section above.

What is Grow?

AgriWebb has partnered with the Grow team, an umbrella brand led by Bayer Animal Health Sciences division to bring AgriWebb customers leading research and advice, developed and provided by Grow experts. They take a scientific, systematic approach to animal health and best practice to help improve your production systems. 

They provide field and extension services to promote efficiency gains and improve livestock productivity and profitability. Delivered through AgriWebb’s advanced software technology, we’ve integrated the Operational Planner to help unlock your highest possible productivity!


What are Management Recommendations?

The Operational Planner Management Recommendations are made by Grow livestock agronomists after considering your on-farm management groups, necessary events and their timing.

Some of the recommendations, based on your region and Management Group will include:

Supplement Recommendations: provide solutions to nutrient deficiencies in your region at critical points in the season

Vaccination Recommendations: provide different product and treatment recommendations to improve animal health by reducing opportunity for infectious disease

Pre-joining, Joining and Post-joining Assessments: provide practical management recommendations to ensure healthy livestock and suitable paddock conditions to maintain animal condition

Are DSM products available in my region?

Along with recommending products made by DSM Nutritional Products Australia, the Operational Planner suggests similar products that will allow you to see the same results! The best way to check if DSM products are available in your region is to get in touch with your local Grow livestock agronomist. 

Note that: The Grow Team does not, nor does any other third party, have access to your data. If you wish to speak with a member of the Grow team, you have the ability to do so knowing with confidence that your farm data is all yours!

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