Figured is an online tool that works hand-in-hand with Xero to track livestock, crop and production, farm budgeting and forecasting. Integrating with AgriWebb allows you to automatically send livestock sale and purchase records to Figured, saving you and your accountant time.

Figured Integration Setup

To setup this integration, first contact Farm Success who will add you to the integration group. 

Once added, you can view the available integration on the Web App under Account > Integrations. Click on the Figured Connect button to get started.

To create the link between AgriWebb and Figured follow the three simple steps:

  1. Create and copy an API Token in Figured
  2. Paste the token into AgriWebb
  3. Link your Figured farms to your AgriWebb farms

Each of these steps will be described in more detail.

1. Create and copy an API Token in Figured

Go log in to Figured, click on your name in the top right, and select 'Your Profile', then select 'API Tokens'. Or you can jump straight to the right place here.
Now create an API Token with the 'create new' button in the top right.

A dialog will appear with a new token. Select all the text of this token and copy it (using control-C on windows, or command-C on mac).

2. Paste the token into AgriWebb

Go back to your AgriWebb window and paste your token inside the text box.

3. Link your Figured farms to your AgriWebb farms
Now that you have linked AgriWebb and Figured, you can link your farms between the two programs. This way, when you sell livestock in AgriWebb, it will create a sale record in the corresponding farm in Figured.

You will see a list of each of your AgriWebb farms on the left and a dropdown menu showing all your figured farms on the right. For each of your AgriWebb farms you wish to link, select the appropriate Figured Farm from the dropdown menu. Like so:

 Once you have done this, press the  'Done' button to save your integration changes.

Linking livestock to Figured

Trackers and Enterprises

Figured have the concept of Trackers, which represent each production activity that you perform on the farm. For more information about Figured Trackers, see Figured help. An example of a Tracker could be 'Sheep' or 'Cattle'.

AgriWebb links an Enterprise with a Figured Tracker. 

Now that you have integrated Figured with AgriWebb, when you create a new Enterprise, you will see a list of available Figured Trackers that you can associate with it.

Stock Classes and Operational Plans

Each Figured Tracker can record livestock information for various Stock Classes. An example of a Figured Stock Class is 'Two-tooth Ewes' or 'Breeding Rams'. For more information about Figured Stock Classes, see Figured help.

These Figured Stock Classes map to a management group in AgriWebb's Operational Plans.

Once you have linked your Enterprise with a Figured Tracker, all Operational Plans you create within that Enterprise will have the option at associate that plan with a particular Figured Stock Class. 

You can now attach livestock directly to this Operational Plan by pressing the select livestock button.

Select the livestock you wish to include in this plan by selecting the checkboxes on the left. Only relevant livestock for the current plan will be shown. For example, a Breeding Ewe plan will show all your ewes (including ewe hoggets) and your lambs - not your weaners or cattle.

Sending Purchase and Sale Records to Figured
Now that your livestock is linked to Figured, any purchase or sale records will be sent straight to Figured. 

For Purchase Records, this will happen as soon as you link livestock with a purchase record to an Operational Plan. It will also happen if you have bred livestock that is already linked to Figured, and you edit it to make it purchased.

Likewise, Sale Records will be sent as soon as you create a sale for linked livestock. Also if you add livestock to a plan, any previous sale records associated with that group will also be sent to Figured.

Consistency of transactions
AgriWebb will become the source of 'truth' for these purchase and sale records. If you need to edit the record, edit it in AgriWebb and the changed transaction will flow on to Figured. If you want to remove the transactions in Figured, then you can either:

  • Unlink the livestock in the Operational Plan in AgriWebb
  • Delete the Operational Plan in AgriWebb
  • Delete the Enterprise in AgriWebb
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