A physical copy of your farm map allows you to gain the complete picture of your farm, including paddock names and colours. You are able print your farm map straight from the Portal. It is really easy! Here's how to do it:

Print Paddocks

Select Paddocks from the left navigation panel

2. [Optional] Select the specific paddocks you want to print.

3. Select Print Map
4. Select either Paddock outlines only or Paddock colours
5. Select Include paddock list if you wish to include a paddock list
6. Select Print Paddocks

Note, if you have specific paddocks selected you will also have the option to Highlight Selected Paddocks

More Information

Paddock Styles
Under Paddock Styles you are able to print Paddock outlines only and Paddock colours.

  • Selecting Paddock outlines enables you to view the outlines of your paddocks.
  • Selecting Paddock colours enables you to view the colours of your paddocks. These are the same colours that are shown within your farm map.

Paddock List
Under Paddock list, you may select Include paddock list. If selected, your print-out will include number labels on the map and a table of paddocks.

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