The AgriWebb NoteBook uses three values from a mob to determine whether it should be merged with another mob when it is created or moved:

  • Animal species - i.e. both mobs contain cattle
  • Animal class - i.e. both mobs are heifers
  • Tag colour - i.e. both heifer mobs are orange tags

All three of these properties are mandatory on a mob and need to be set in order to save the mob. Producers that don't track mobs by tag colour can use one of the existing tag colours to indicate a mixed tag mob and use that colour on all mobs. This ensures that mobs merge on the AgriWebb NoteBook while reflecting the farm's animal management practices.


  1. Create a new mob
  2. Set the tag property to a common colour that will be used on all mobs. White is a common tag colour we recommend
  3. Save the mob
  4. Move and split these "mixed tag"mobs as usual

You can also change the tag colour on an existing mob:

  1. Open the Mob View
  2. Select the mob you want to change
  3. Open the details view for that mob
  4. Change the tag colour
  5. Save the mob
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