You can use the Mobile App to create grazing plans for all mobs. This allows you to calculate the number of days the Mob can exist in an individual paddock before running out of feed.

While the Grazing Planner can help plan mob rotations, it should only be considered a guide. The true number of grazing days per Mob should be considered by you and your farm management team.

Please follow these steps to set up a grazing plan per Mob:

  1. Select 'Mobs'
  2. Drag and drop the Mob into a paddock you wish to start the grazing plan
  3. Select 'Move ALL Mobs' 
  4. Select the 'Move Record Date' 
  5. Select 'Next'
  6. Complete the relevant grazing plan information

7. Select 'Save' 

How does the Grazing Planner work?

Grazing Days Remaining are estimated based on the most recent feed on offer record for a paddock, the pasture growth rate, any recorded supplemental feeds, and DSE load over time. In order to show the best estimate, a feed on offer record from the last 3 weeks is required.

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