Note: With the release of our new individual animal management platform, this feature is no longer available for new plan types. It is only available for grandfathered precision subscriptions.

AgriWebb users can now view animal weights on the AgriWebb Web App. CSV files can be exported from your Gallagher TSI 2, Tru-Test (TruTest), FarmIT 3000 or livestock weigh indicator, and uploaded directly to the AgriWebb Weight Goals tool. 

You're able to record EID, NLIS and Visual ID each time a weight session is imported to help manage your Mobs. 

Animal weights can be viewed as a graph, with specific goals set to view projected weights. Filter and export selected animal data back into a usable CSV file. 

This image shows the Weight Goals feature up and running on the Web App.


Create a Weight Goal

Firstly you will need to export session data from your weigh indicator. View the steps at the end of this article showing how to export session data. 

After exporting your session data from Gallagher and Tru-test, follow these steps to create a Weight Goal on the Web App.

Add Weight Goal

Select Livestock from the left navigation.

Select the Individuals tab at the top of the page.

Select Add Weight Goal.

Choose the Enterprise, Age class, and give the weight goal a name.Click Save Weight Goal. This will bring you to a new page where you can import indicator session CSV or add a weight target.

Select Import indicator session CSV.

You should now see you first weight records plotted on the graph.

As well as keeping track of how each animal is travelling and their predicted weight gains, you're able to record EID, NLIS and Visual ID each time a weight session is imported to help manage your Mobs. 

View Individual Animal Weights

For All Animals

Select Animals from the tabs below the weight graph

For Select Animals

Select Select Animals

Drag the the plus over the animals you wish to select.

Select Selected Animals

The data will now be displayed in list form. From here you can also choose to export this data back out as a CSV, by selecting Export Selected.

Add Weight Target 

From the Targets tab, select Add Target

Fill in the Target Name, Date and enter the target weights and select Save weight target.


Export From Your Weigh Indicator 

See these steps to export session data from your weigh indicator:

Gallagher TSI 2
See this link for up to date steps. 

  1. Insert the USB and export your files into the USB. 

  2. Click the Office button at the bottom right corner

  3. Click the Database from the menu at the top

  4. Select Export APS session

  5. Select a session you want to import

  6. Click Next

  7. Tick Export a session data file

  8. Untick Export a Life data file and Export an Animal History file

  9. Click Export 

See below example session data:

See this link for up to date steps. 

  1. Insert the USB

  2. The screen will pop up with the sessions

  3. Select the sessions you want to export

  4. Click the save button

For all other indicators, change the column names in the CSV to:

  1. EID or electronic ID. 

  2. Date

  3. Weight

Example CSV file:
331,TTDEMO2,Angus,02/05/2012,982 000359951630,15/09/2014

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