The AgriWebb NoteBook is configured to synchronise your farm data while your device is connected to a WiFi or cellular data service. Automatic record synchronisation has been developed to ensure quick synchronisation that will only synchronise new records or historical records that have been updated. By selecting Sync Reset, a one-off complete synchronisation of every farm record is initiated. During this process, the NoteBook will complete a record reconciliation and ensure all farm records are present on your device. 

When should I use Sync Reset? 

Sync Reset should be used if new records have been created on the NoteBook or Portal and have not synchronised to your device or a co-workers device, even after completing a Manual Sync.

How to determine which device needs a Sync Reset?

If you use the NoteBook on multiple devices, you will need to Sync Reset all devices. It is important you Sync Reset the device with the most recent records first. Then, complete a Sync Reset on all other devices. This will ensure the latest records are present on all devices. Don't worry if you don't follow this order, the NoteBook will equalise all records in the next automatic synchronisation.

How to do a Sync Reset?

  1. In the bottom right corner of your device, open the Menu page 
  2. Scroll down and select Settings
  3. In the settings page under SYNC OPTIONS, select Reset
  4. Go back to the Menu page and select Manual Sync. This may take slightly longer than a normal Manual Sync as all records are being reconciled.

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