Track your property's rainfall in real-time by creating records in the AgriWebb Notebook. When synced, this data will show on your AgriWebb Portal. This enables you to track rainfall on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Recording rainfall in the Notebook is easy! 


See these steps to record daily rainfall events from the AgriWebb NoteBook:

  1. From the Home Tab tap on the  + button in the Rainfall section to launch the new record dialog.
  2. Fill in the Date and Rainfall fields then select the Rain Gauge. This will save the record and add it to the home page report displaying Wet Days, Total Rainfall and rainfall of the current month.
  3. To view the complete record select go to Rainfall Records on the Menu Tab or Go to records in the rainfall summary on the Home Tab.

In the Rainfall Summary you can view the exact rainfall per month. Simply tap on the corresponding bar in the graph. In the rainfall record list below you can Edit or Delete any previously recorded rainfall events. 

View previous rainfall events
The AgriWebb NoteBook allows you to reference monthly rainfall against the previous year and lets you access all your historical Rainfall records to view and edit. You can tap on the Switch Rain Gauge button to filter the summary, and records listed to a single rain gauge. 

Whereas, viewing rainfall reports in the Portal allows you to review the current year's rainfall against multiple years of historic rainfall reports.

Default Rain Gauge
If rainfall is being traced across multiple rain gauges, but you are responsible with a single rain gauge then you can select the default rain gauge to pre-select when adding a new rainfall record, and within the rainfall summary and record view.

  1. From the Menu Tab tap on Settings
  2. Within the Home Page section tap on the Default Rain Gauge to select a specific gauge or select No Default. 


See these steps to view the rainfall reports of your property:

1. Log in to the Portal
2. Select Reports from the left hand navigation
3. Select the report you wish to view 

Rainfall by gauge
View rainfall across the property by comparing gauges. 

Rainfall records
An overall list of rainfall events recorded.

You can Print or Export each of these reports. 

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