You are able to add markers and areas to your farm map, such as water, infrastructure and buildings. Adding markers to your farm map is simple. 

See these steps to add markers around your property:

  1. Log in to the Portal
  2. Select  Farm Map from the navigation menu
  3. Select the Add... button in the top left of the page

These are the markers you can add:


  • Laneway
  • Paddock
  • Vegetation 


  • Bore
  • Dam
  • Pipeline
  • Rain Gauge (You need rain gauges to add rainfall records) 
  • Trough
  • Water Channel
  • Water Trough
  • Windmill


  • Electric Fence
  • Gate
  • Power Line


  • Building
  • Chemical Shed
  • Hayshed 
  • Silo

4. Click on the map to place your new marker, or draw your new area.

5.Once the marker location is selected, or the area has been drawn,  a page will appear to enter details for the new map feature.

6. Enter the details, such as the Name, Description, colour, or size.

7. Select Save

Looking to use a gate to link existing paddocks? Here's how:

  1. From the Farm Map on the Portal, select the gate
  2. Select Edit details

3. Select which paddocks are connected by the gate

4. Save

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