Please follow these steps to add a Sales Record via the Notebook.

  1. Select Mobs and tap the Mob you wish to Sell
  2. Select View Mob Details
  3. Tap the More option at the bottom right of the screen and select the Sale option

4. Complete the Sale Date, Number of Head Transported, and press Save. Please note, you can leave Advanced Fields until after sale. If you would like to know more about Sale Record Advanced Fields please see Post Sale section below.

Post Sale 

  1. In the menu tab, select Mob Sale Records and select the relevant sale.
  2. Select the Edit sale record option and fill in the relevant Advanced fields such as Sale Price, NVD, Buyer, Carrier etc.

3. Press Save

Benefits of Advanced Fields

The Advanced fields allow the producer to have greater detail provided by the Sales Report in the AgriWebb. Not only do these fields provide financial details such as price received and cost of transport but also aid the traceability of the sale by providing the NVD Reference Number, Buyer and Carrier details in the Sales Report. 

Undoing a Sale Record

To undo a Sale record, simply delete the relevant record. By doing this the mob and all of the records will be recreated and taken back to the paddock that it was previously in. 

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