Are you moving mobs to another paddock? Moving mobs is as easy as hold, drag and drop!

Remember: Mobs will merge together if the age class, breed and tag colour are the same. When a mob merges, so does its records. To ensure the mob you are moving does not merge, make sure at least one of its age class, breed and tag colour is different, so that two mob records are created. Or, apply a Visual Tag Number under Individual Tracking. For more information on merging and joining mobs, check out the Β the more information section at the end of this articleπŸ‘‡


To move a mob In the Portal please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Portal
2. Select Livestock

3. Select Edit on the mob you wish to move

4. Select Paddock
5. Select the Paddock you wish to move the mob into.
6. Select Save


To move a mob on the Notebook please follow these steps:

1. Select Mobs
2. Hold, Drag & Drop the mob you wish to move. Do not take your finger off the screen until the mob is on top of the destination paddock.

3. Select Move All Mobs and select Save

Mob Merge

A mob can merge with a different mob in the destination paddock if the mobs have the same:

  • Age class
  • Breed
  • Tag colour
  • Management tag

When a merge is possible you will have the option to merge on move.

Read more about merging mobs in the Merge Mobs help article.

More Information

Running in open gate

You can open and close gates at the time of move. When a paddock is connected to other paddocks via gates, the from and to paddock boxes will display the number of connected paddocks, and the option to update your gates.

Tap Update gates of either the from or to paddock to open a dialog listing the connected paddocks. On this dialog check a paddock to open the gate to that paddock, or uncheck it to close the gate. When opening a gate to a paddock connected to further paddocks by gates, you will also have the opportunity to open or close these.

When you are happy with your choices tap Select to return to the move mob dialog. The gates are not opened or closed until you save the move, and are recorded on the selected Move Record Date.

Backdating a Move, Split or Draft
A move can be backdated to the most recent record applied to the mob. For example, if you are moving a mob which was moved 5 days ago, the earliest the move can be backdated is 5 days ago.

Mob joining is initiated by moving a Bulls or Rams into the same paddock as Ewes or Cows. To end joining, move the Bulls or Rams to another paddock. For more information on joining, read our joining article here.

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