Please follow these steps to record the Sowing of a paddock. 

  1. In Paddock view, select the paddock to be sown
  2. Tap the More button at the bottom right of the screen and select the Sow tile

3. Select the Sow tile to bring up the New Sowing Record page. In the Paddocks tab Add Paddocks to be sown or adjust Area Applied for a paddock. Press Next
4. In the Sowing page, fill appropriate fields for Date and Costs of operation. These fields will differ depending on whether the Applicator was a Contractor or owner Operator. Press Next

5. In the Seeds page select Add Seeds to bring up a list of possible seeds. Press Add a new seed if the desired seed is not available from the list.
6. Fill in details of Seeding Rate and Cost of selected seed. Press Save.

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