You can record agistment of your stock on other properties using the following steps:

  1. Create and manage mobs as usual while they are on your farm
  2. Create a paddock to represent the property you are agisting on in the AgriWebb Portal. You may even create multiple agistment paddocks to represent different agistment contracts or to prevent mobs that were agisted separately from merging.

3. In order to not affect your farm's DSE value, set the arable area of the agistment paddocks to 0 hectares

4. When agistment starts, move the mobs into the agistment paddock
5. When agistment ends, move the mob back into a regular farm paddock
6. You can track the agistment costs by using an animal treatment. You can create a separate "Agistment Treatment" for each property you're agisting to or for each agistment contract. 

Set the cost of the treatment to zero.

7. When applying the Treatment, record the total agistment cost in the labour unit field.

8. The Livestock Treatment Records Report in the AgriWebb Portal can then be used to track production costs for your agisted mobs.

**These steps can be used to track agisted mobs using the current AgriWebb function. A more specific agistment function will be added in future releases.

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